• idham Topik Yoga Universitas Pembangunan Nasional veteran Jakarta
Keywords: Stunting, Mothers Knowledge, Toddler


Stunting is a nutritional problem that occurs in infants characterized by shorter height compared to children his age. Knowledge held by parents, especially toddlers, mothers about insights about stunting can be a determinant of mothers' attitude in maintaining health so that stunting is prevented. This research was conducted to identify the description of mother's knowledge about stunting in infants, get a description of the characteristics of maternal respondents including: age, education, and occupation and obtain a description of mother's knowledge about stunting in infants. The population in this study is the mother has a toddler living in the Posyandu area of ​​Segarajaya Village, Bekasi Regency. Sampling was done with a purposive sampling technique of 136 respondents. Data collection was carried out by distributing questionnaires through a Google form containing the characteristics of respondents under five mothers. Analysis of the data used is univariate analysis that is looking at the frequency distribution of the percentage of each subvariable characteristic of mothers. The results of the study show that of the 136 respondents involved, most were aged 36-45 years, namely 53.7%, secondary education (SMA / MK) was 64%, 66.9% of mothers had no work, sufficient knowledge about stunting was as much 57 respondents or 41.9%. Recommended cross-sectional research design for further research in order to be able to further identify relationships or influences between subvariable characteristics of mothers in relation to stunting knowledge.

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Yoga, idham. (2020). PENGETAHUAN IBU TENTANG STUNTING PADA BALITA DI POSYANDU DESA SEGARAJAYA. Indonesian Journal of Health Development, 2(3), 183-192.